Default Programs Editor 1.2 update

Version 1.2

  • Fixed a critical bug that caused an immediate crash on Vista x64.
  • Added automatic online error reporting (can be disabled in Advanced Configuration).
  • Added a friendly error dialog when the program crashes, replacing the generic .Net one.
  • A couple of minor UI adjustments.
Default Programs Editor- Error Dialog

Default Programs Editor- Error Dialog

What information does the crash report have?
OS version, last executed method from a logging functions, and a stack trace. No personal identifying information. Each crash dump is saved to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\\Default Programs Editor\<version>\ , which is also where the advanced.config file is saved.

64 bit

The x64 bug was quite odd. I was initially debugging on a vanialla rtm install, and the program worked fine. It wasn’t until I installed hotfix KB932471, an update for .Net 3.0, that it successfully crashed. I’m not sure exactly what changed in the framework to make it start crashing, but the bug was a relatively simple fix.