Monthly Archives: August 2008

Default Programs Editor 1.3 update

Version 1.3- August 9, 2008

  • Fixed a minor UI bug where not all references were updated when the “Rename ProgID to File Type” preference was changed.
  • About/Help link now points to this program’s own landing page instead of it’s blog category.
  • The information url comment in exported .reg files has been updated to this program’s own page instead of it’s blog category.
  • The program now checks for updates automatically when it is launched. This can be disabled in Advanced Configuration.
  • A couple of additional minor UI adjustments (including a misspelled word in the error dialog- whoops!).
  • Added a dialog to enable the deletion of both an extensions and ProgID’s.
  • Fixed an rare bug that caused an immediate crash (both XP and Vista) based on information from online crash reports.
  • Fixed a bug where extensions without ProgID’s would have a blank Friendly Type Name instead of EXT File, which is what Windows Explorer shows.
  • Program identification comment at the top of generated .reg files now includes the version number.
  • Moved the “Include extensions without a ProgID” checkbox to the extensions filter options list.

Several interesting changes in this release.  Also, I’ve enabled comments on the blog.