Default Programs Editor 1.3 update

Version 1.3- August 9, 2008

  • Fixed a minor UI bug where not all references were updated when the “Rename ProgID to File Type” preference was changed.
  • About/Help link now points to this program’s own landing page instead of it’s blog category.
  • The information url comment in exported .reg files has been updated to this program’s own page instead of it’s blog category.
  • The program now checks for updates automatically when it is launched. This can be disabled in Advanced Configuration.
  • A couple of additional minor UI adjustments (including a misspelled word in the error dialog- whoops!).
  • Added a dialog to enable the deletion of both an extensions and ProgID’s.
  • Fixed an rare bug that caused an immediate crash (both XP and Vista) based on information from online crash reports.
  • Fixed a bug where extensions without ProgID’s would have a blank Friendly Type Name instead of EXT File, which is what Windows Explorer shows.
  • Program identification comment at the top of generated .reg files now includes the version number.
  • Moved the “Include extensions without a ProgID” checkbox to the extensions filter options list.

Several interesting changes in this release.  Also, I’ve enabled comments on the blog.


4 thoughts on “Default Programs Editor 1.3 update

  1. Dan

    Looks like a great program. Have installed .net_3.5 successfully and when I run the program on two different boxes (both WinXP-SP2) I get the same reult, the Default Programs and Autoplay Handlers tabs are not showing.

    Any ideas?

  2. Factor Mystic Post author

    Yeah, those tabs don’t show on XP by design. I should make that clearer, though. Just use TweakXP for the autoplay stuff.

  3. kismert

    Hi, I’ve tried the 1.3 version of your program, and I’ve run into some issues. First, installation. I wanted to place the program in Program Files, and put a shortcut in the Start Menu, just like I always did in XP. But I ran into issues:
    * Vista SP1 blocks the .exe file, because it was downloaded from the internet. It turns out if you place it in the Program Files directory, you can never unblock it, because of a catch-22 in Vista’s UAC security scheme. Work-around:
    * You also can’t place a shortcut in the Start Menu using the Windows interface. You can use the command line:

    In short, an installer for this utility would greatly increase it’s user-friendliness.

    Now, onto the program:
    * I installed it on my machine administrator account, and no matter what I did, I could not get it to run on my other user account. When I tried, Vista gave a “Default Programs Editor has stopped working” dialog. The program never even came up. I have the requisite version of .NET
    * On my administrator account, the program comes up, but throws an unhandled exception when you click on the Autoplay Handlers tab.

    Since the file association cleanup I needed to do was on the other user account, I really didn’t get to test the program.

    I like the direction you are intending to take the program for the 2.0 version, and will check back for future versions.


  4. Factor Mystic Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, Ken. The autoplay bug has been identified, and already fixed for 2.0.

    I have also considered and installer, and you comment reinforces this. I estimate 80% of the online crash reports I have received have been due to the wrong version of .Net, and if not an installer there will be a friendly message regarding this rather than an outright crash.

    I hadn’t considered users putting this utility in Program Files, this is an oversight on my part. Since it’s a stand alone utility I figured most users would run it out of their download directory. That’s another thing to consider for 2.0

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