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Default Programs Editor 2.3 Update

Version 2.3.1269.2247 (September 15, 2009)
New Features:
+ Option added to view (only) context menu shell extensions, restoring similar functionality that was present in 1.3.

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed not being able to add autoplay options to media in some situations.
– It was not possible to click “Next” on the Extension Selection page when multiple extensions were selected using the shift key.
– With multiple extensions selected, the context menu page would not show all common verbs.

Crashes Fixed:
– Selecting multiple extensions caused a crash in some cases.

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Default Programs Editor 2.2 Update

Change log for Version 2.2.1238.46 (September 3rd, 2009)

New Features:
+ An option was added on the ‘Add Context Menu Item’ page to add a command to all file types.
+ Startup time has been modestly improved.

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed some program names and descriptions not loading properly (such as PowerShell).
– In some cases a message would appear instructing the user to install .Net 3.5 when it was already installed.
– The “Disable ‘Search web for unknown extension’ Dialog Box” button initially displayed the opposite status of the setting.
– The help button for adding or editing a context menu misreported what page the program was on.

Crashes Fixed:
– Fixed a crash when switching to the Context Menu page for some extensions

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