Default Programs Editor, Example Usage: Setting Media Player Classic to Autoplay DVDs

This is all the options I have to autoplay DVD’s-

Default Programs Editor- Autoplay Example 1

MPC can play DVDs, so let’s make Windows use MPC to play a DVD when one is put into the computer. To start, open Default Programs Editor and switch to the “Autoplay Handlers” tab. Now, select the media type you want to change settings for, which in this case, is “DVD movie”.

Default Programs Editor- Autoplay example 2

The drop down list in the middle pane is just like the drop down list in the Windows autoplay settings. The checked list below it allows you to add or remove autoplay choices for this media type. However, Windows doesn’t know that MPC can play DVDs, so we’ll need to get it onto the list. Then, we can check it to make it an option for DVDs.

Click the “Add…” button.

Default Programs Editor- Autoplay example 3

Autoplay descriptions show up in the list as “Action Text” using “Provider Text”. For example, in “Play DVD movie using Windows Media Player”, “Play DVD movie” is the action and “Windows Media Player” is the provider. So for this, put some variant of “Play DVD” and “Media Player Classic”. You can also choose an icon for this entry. Windows comes with a ton of icons which work well for things like this; I selected one that says “DVD” on it. Finally, put in the full path to Media Player Classic. You can do this with the “Browse…” button. Before you save, make sure to add “%1” to the end of the command string. Just like in the other examples, this is so Media Player Classic knows what to do when Windows starts it.

Note that “Save” has a shield icon on it. This indicates that a UAC prompt will pop up when you click it. Go ahead and do so, and confirm the security warning. The program is now in Administrator mode, with our new autoplay handler highlighted. Check it do add this as a possible autoplay handler for DVDs. Now, it will show up on the drop down list of options. Selec it and hit “Save” to confirm.

Default Programs Editor- Autoplay example 4

Media Player Classic is now added to the DVD autoplay choices, and is the currently selected action. Done!