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Call for ideas for DPE 2.7

After taking a bit of a break from the project, I’m reopening development of Default Programs Editor, with a couple of great ideas in mind. The feedback since I launched 2.0 almost a year ago has been outstanding, and has guided six minor releases in the mean time. For version 2.7 development I’m openly soliciting ideas to make the next version even better.

How you can help

Download Default Programs Editor, and poke around. Mess with stuff. Make little tweaks to your system, then reverse them. What feels right? What gets annoying? What could be better? Let me know!

Default Programs Editor 2.6 Update

I discovered a couple stupid bugs right after I posted 2.5, so here’s a quick 2.6 update to resolve them.

Version 2.6.1837.1459 (February 14, 2010)
Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a discrepancy between value data types when saving to a .reg file vs saving to the registry when changing a context menu item name.
– DDE Message was not deleted if the program was running with elevated privileges.
– File type icon would sometimes not be detected correctly when the icon source was the default program.
Crashes Fixed:
– Deleting a context menu item would sometimes result in a crash.
– Inputting invalid character for context menu item name sometimes caused a crash.
– In some cases, opening the autoplay handlers page for some media types caused a crash.
– Saving context menu changes after editing a command label (including implicit edits) caused a crash.

Download now

Default Programs Editor 2.5 Update

Default Programs Editor 2.5 was posted this week. The changelog is┬ámonstrous; this version has the most bug and crash fixes to date. If you’ve got an idea or gripe, head over to DPE’s UserVoice forum and talk about it!

Version 2.5.1823.2023 (February 9, 2010)

New Features:
+ Added support for DropTarget objects as context menu commands.
+ Added support for DelegateExecute objects as context menu commands.
+ Added support for Dynamic Data Exchange messages invoked with context menu commands.
+ On the Icon page, the raw resource path is now viewable and can be manually changed. It is also now possible to specify a file’s own image in one click.
+ When changing an extension’s file type, a revamped file type selection process shows all file types, even unused ones.
+ Added a checkbox to select/deselect all extensions on the extension selection page for Default Programs associations.
+ Added file path display to the final success page when changes are saved to file.
Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a bug where the exported command path wouldn’t be a normal string like it should have been.
– Fixed a bug where the wrong context menu item would be detected as the default.
– Fixed blank autoplay handler showing on the media options list after cancelling the creation of a new handler.
– Fixed incorrect default context menu item detection in some cases.
– Fixed a bug where an exported context menu .reg file could have a malformed key path.
– Saving edited file type Descriptions and Icons to file now correctly saves only those changed properties.
– The .reg file comment for Description and Icon changes will now also correctly describe which property is edited.
– The main instruction text on the Delete Extension page now reads appropriately.
– The link button to set a context menu item as default now enables or disables uniformly with the other controls.
– Some resource strings were not resolved properly (such as certain file type descriptions).
– Missing publisher information added to Control Panel uninstall data.
– Burnable Blu-ray discs now show correctly in the Autoplay media list.
– Fixed wrong capitalization for Blu-ray disc entry in the Autoplay media list.
– The behavior of the Done button on the Success page was not uniform for all page paths when launched from the Control Panel.
– The page history is cleared on the Success page to prevent old pages appearing as current.
– Fixed some extensions not being correctly detected as being registered for a Default Program.
– Fixed some extensions with blank descriptions on the Default Programs registration page.
– Additional small internal improvements, optimizations, and interface adjustments.
Crashes Fixed:
– Fixed a crash when saving a new file type without an icon set.
– Saving Autoplay settings after cancelling the creation of a new handler would cause a crash.
– Clicking the Help button would sometimes result in a crash on some systems.
– Attempting to install while another instance of the program was running caused a crash.
– Selecting a new default verb sometimes caused a crash when saving changes to file.
– Viewing certain file type descriptions sometimes caused a crash on the Extension Selection page.
– In certain cases, the program crashed when attempting to add or edit a context menu item where the destination registry key didn’t yet exist.
– Adding a new file type but not entering optional details caused a crash when saving changes to file.
– Fixed a crash after clicking the Next button on the Default Programs selection page.

Holy cow! With the addition of DelegateExecute, DropTarget, and DDE support, Default Programs Editor is now the most powerful and easy to use file association utility on the planet.

Download now at
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