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How to output unicode in a custom powershell prompt

(Writing this down so I can google it when I inevitably forget about it in the future)

Powershell supports Unicode in a custom prompt, but if it’s coming outĀ garbled, then you probably forgot to save your profile.ps1 as UTF-8 WITH BOM.


This is UTF-8 (no BOM):




This is is UTF-8 w/ BOM:



(BTW, the code for this custom prompt is here)

Default Programs Editor 2.6 Update

I discovered a couple stupid bugs right after I posted 2.5, so here’s a quick 2.6 update to resolve them.

Version 2.6.1837.1459 (February 14, 2010)
Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a discrepancy between value data types when saving to a .reg file vs saving to the registry when changing a context menu item name.
– DDE Message was not deleted if the program was running with elevated privileges.
– File type icon would sometimes not be detected correctly when the icon source was the default program.
Crashes Fixed:
– Deleting a context menu item would sometimes result in a crash.
– Inputting invalid character for context menu item name sometimes caused a crash.
– In some cases, opening the autoplay handlers page for some media types caused a crash.
– Saving context menu changes after editing a command label (including implicit edits) caused a crash.

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