Default Programs Editor 1.1 update

Version 1.1

  • Now distributing as the exe and this changes file in a zip instead of just the exe.
  • Put Context Menu and File Type properties group boxes into separate tabs.
  • Replaced File Type column in the main extension list with Friendly Type Name.
  • Autogenerated key names are now converted to lower case to fit with convention.
  • A couple of additional minor UI adjustments.
  • Url in the exported .reg comment was wrong.
  • “Show shell extensions” checkbox moved to the Advanced Config tab (which means its state is persistent across sessions now).
  • Searching for an extension in both the main extension list, and the File Type dialog now also transparently searches file type key names.
  • Fixed the bug on XP where showing shell extension verbs caused it to crash
  • New File Types are now created in the Select File Type dialog.
  • The Add Extension dialog has been reworked to be more intuitive.

Here’s the biggest change to the UI- tabs replaced panes for Context Menu and File Type groups:

Default Programs Editor 1.1 screenshot