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Default Programs Editor

This is an advanced Windows file association utility

Screenshot of Default Programs Editor

Here is some sweet stuff you can do with it:

  • Manually add extension information
  • Change a file type’s description
  • Change a file type’s icon
  • Change an extension’s associated file type
  • Add/Edit/Delete an extension’s default association
  • Add/Edit/Delete other entries on the file’s context menu
  • Preserve verb precedence hierarchy
  • View shell extension entries on the context menu
  • Remove ‘Default Programs’ association that Windows likes to make annoying to change
  • Add/Edit/Delete your own autoplay handlers
  • Change which autoplay options are available for users
  • Disable that “Search web for unknown extension” dialog
  • Single .exe utility, no installation

On top of all that, here are some bonus features:

  • Make changes direct to the registry, or export them as .reg files for easy distribution
  • Designed for Vista, with UAC support, so you can painlessly run as a standard user
  • Works with XP too (a few features disabled, just use TweakUI)
  • Make changes to your user account, or the machine default, or both

Documentation is admittedly sparse right now, but here are some how-to’s:

Feel free to email me with any suggestions or questions.