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SndVolPlus 1.0 released

SndVolPlus is a tiny standalone app, that’s a replacement for the standard Windows volume control icon.

SndVolPlus Volume Control

SndVolPlus Volume Control

It functions exactly the same as the original “SndVol.exe”, with two huge extras:

  • Middle clicking the volume icon toggles mute
  • Double clicking it opens the Volume Mixer directly
Windows 7 Volume Mixer

Windows 7 Volume Mixer

I wrote it out of frustration when I couldn’t easily mute Windows Media Center when watching live television. Now that I can, I’ve put it up so you can to! This, like most of my recent projects, is BSD licensed open source, with it’s own repository on BitBucket (link).

Info Page + Download

Feature Focus: How to disable the “Windows cannot open this file” dialog box

If you’ve ever clicked on some file in Windows and seen this dialog box, you know what I’m talking about:


The web service is completely useless, and most of the time you already know what program you want to use to open the file. Luckily, it is easy to disable this dialog box with Default Programs Editor (download). Simply launch the program, and click on the Options button:


Options button

Then, click the button that says

Disable 'Search web for unknown extension' Dialog Box
Disable 'Search web for unknown extension' Dialog Box

Disable 'Search web for unknown extension' Dialog Box

And that’s it!

Now, when you try to open a file with an unknown extension, Windows will skip the unknown extension dialog and display the “Open With…” window to choose a program.