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Aero.Wizard Icon Aero.Wizard
An implementation of an Aero Wizard Dialog in Windows Forms.

  • History/Navigation handled automatically
  • Page contents are children of separate container controls, which can be created in design time like a regular Windows form
  • Glass title area degrades gracefully when running a theme without glass, or on XP
  • Blank Wizard Page template included
  • Use with Aero.Controls pack to make Windows UX Guidelines compatible user interfaces

Source Code
This project is BSD-licensed open source. The source code, a Wizard Page template, and an example project are hosted on BitBucket. Any issues with the code as well as suggestions, bugs, and patches can be discussed on the repository page.

Source code repository
Example project and compiled binary assembly
Blank page template for Visual Studio

Recent News
Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls code pack released
I’m pleased to announce the first stage of my roadmap to fully open Default Programs Editor with the release of Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls. What are Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls? Aero.Wizard is an WinForms implementation of an Aero Wizard D [...]
Posted 20 Nov 2009, 7:52 pm

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