4 thoughts on “SndVolPlus 1.1 Released

  1. anonymous

    Excellent app. I was very unhappy when they removed the double click to show full mixer feature. I have some requests:
    1. Can you make all windows opened from right click context menu and from Mixer link in single click volume window also show near the tray above the volume icon?
    2. Can you make the full mixer window minimizable? That was one of the important features of the XP volume control.
    3. Single and double clicking isn't yet reliable. Sometimes after double clicking to open the mixer, the single click volume window shows.
    4. As soon as the mouse hovers over the full mixer window, the focus of the window is lost.

  2. Sdfsdf

    One click on the icon to bring up the volume slider is SLOW. compared to the original. Everything else is good though. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    This app saved me. The Windows 7 volume control is a total abomination. “Line in” “microphone in” “input monitor” and 5 channel speaker balance need to be in volume mixer, can you add these please to SndVolPlus?

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