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The next version of Default Programs Editor has been posted, along with a total site redesign. All the important stuff is now on the root page, and I’ve severely dialed back on cruft to put most of your experience on a single page. And, one more note: this announcement is actually for the second release of version 2.7. There were a couple bugs I noticed in the crash report logs that really needed to be fixed before I announced the release, so, if you happened to grab DPE in between the redesign and this post, check and see if you’ve got the older version. They’re each got a proper version number, but “2.7” refers to the later release.

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There’s some cool new stuff in 2.7, most notably context menu icon editing‘Open With’ support, and built in registry backups. The latter two items were requested on the feedback forum and quite popular, so if you have a feature request, be sure go there and request it. There’s also a myriad of great little usability tweaks like better keyboard accessibility (also a requested feature on UserVoice).


Version 2.7.2675.2253 (October 29, 2010)
Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a minor DPI related layout bug.

Crashes Fixed:
– Fixed a crash after clicking the DDE ‘Edit’ button when adding a new context menu item.
– Viewing ‘Open With’ programs caused a crash when the item listed in the registry didn’t exist on disk.
– Fixed a crash when starting the application for some users.

Version 2.7.2660.1843 (October 23, 2010)
New Features:
+ Added support for editing ‘Open With’ programs.
+ Added support for editing context menu item icons.
+ Added support for registry backups of file type information.
+ Added “%1” by default when browsing for an application, and added an option to toggle it.
+ “Show in folder” button added to success page when saving to a .reg file.
+ Increased performance when loading long lists.
+ Better support for deleting verb precedence trees.
+ Increased keyboard accessibility.

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed miscellaneous layout bugs.
– Fixed being stuck on the the options page after an elevated restart.
– Fixed issue causing scope labels to be listed twice for context menu items.

Crashes Fixed:
– Setting certain applications as context menu default could cause a crash.
– Selecting multiple extensions caused a crash when switching to the context menu page in certain scenarios.

13 thoughts on “Default Programs Editor 2.7

  1. Anonymous

    It will work on XP as long as you have the requisite .Net 3.0 or greater installed. However, most functionality can be found in either the folder options -> file types dialog, or in TweakXP.

  2. Plumes

    Great program! In order to use it on Windows 7 64-bit, one thing to know is that you have to run it as administrator (Right-click on the program and select “run as administrator”  from the context menu).

  3. Anonymous

    This might only be necessary if you have UAC turned off though, right? If you have UAC turned on, the application can elevate itself if necessary.

  4. ExtendX Navigator

    I need to define a file association from the install shield of my program.
    Can Default Programs Editor 2.7 accomplish this without interactive entries in the customer’s machine?
    If I can call your program from a CMD window and supply what I need (basically the path and the program name), I’ll know how to do the rest.

  5. factormystic

    No, but if you create the association on a fresh machine (such as a VM) and then export it to a .reg file, you can inspect the keys necessary to make the change and then use reg.exe to manipulate the registry in the installer accordingly.

  6. JD

    Got the latest Default Program Editor (Version 2.7.2675 ). Using it mainly to customize default file icons. It works fine for everything but Adobe pdf files – looks like Adobe is preventing the icon re-assignment, even though PDE says it changed the path. Any fixes or work-arounds out there ?? 

  7. Chris

    Save as .reg file creates an empty .reg file on Windows 8 64bit. Everything alse work fine. Hope this bug ill be fixed soon in the next version.

  8. Charls

    I’m sure cause with later Windows such as Windows 8 64bit some main features such as save as .reg file do not work so it will be for Windows Versions before 8 mainly.

  9. Zdeslav

    Please little help,
    Using ver 2.7.
    I cant get to work
    Drop as Target
    I can’t get window to show up only flickering ?
    I’ve uninstaled all VisualBasic’s versions, as .NET 2-4.7. Nothing work, but I need that function. Use this prog for years, cant find any better.
    Please help me what can I do else but reinstall whole system

  10. Bill Meier

    AWESOME! This program still works on Windows 10! I wish you still did a little development for it. I’m not sure what may have changed in Windows 10 that you might need to support, but for the operations I tried, changing a file type name and icon, it worked great! I’d love to here from you!

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