Yakko's Nations of the World

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This chart is an animated globe which highlights countries as they're sung by the character Yakko Warner from the TV cartoon "Animaniacs" in his song, "Nations of the World". Today's world map looks a bit different than it did when the song first aired in 1993, but even then Yakko's country list was questionable. Quite a few countries aren't mentioned at all, and some "countries" he names aren't actually countries at all. Where possible, I've attempted to highlight the country, group of countries, or territory that makes the best sense.

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This chart is contstructed using d3.js, which renders a globe using topojson with data I generated from Natural Earth's 50m dataset. I hand-entered the timings for when to target each country (it took quite awhile to get this right, and it's still not 100% perfect.)

Check out my project build notes for more info

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