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Utility to silently and automatically download and install the latest Chromium build in the background.

  • No user interface, the download an installation occurs completely in the background
  • Automatically downloads the build, and won't launch a browser to get the file.
  • The downloader uses Windows' Background Intelligent Transfer Service (it downloads via unused bandwidth, will not affect any other programs)
  • The Chromium installer is started with background I/O priority, so the installer has has a minimal impact on system performance

Download + Source Code
This project is BSD-licensed open source. The source code and an example project are hosted on BitBucket. Any issues with the code as well as suggestions, bugs, and patches can be discussed on the repository page.

Source code repository
Direct download link (Program)

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Issue tracker
Downloaded build installers aren't deleted after install
Even though they're in the temp directory, they waste a lot of space.
Posted 6 Feb 2010, 7:00 am

BITS jobs are not removed when the transfer is complete
Can be verified with Get-BitsTransfer -Name "Download Chromium*" and manually solved with Get-BitsTransfer -Name "Download Chromium*" | Remove-BitsTransfer
Posted 6 Feb 2010, 6:59 am

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