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Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls code pack released

I’m pleased to announce the first stage of my roadmap to fully open Default Programs Editor with the release of Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls.

What are Aero.Wizard and Aero.Controls?

Aero.Wizard is an WinForms implementation of an Aero Wizard Dialog. Aero.Controls is a package of a half dozen WinForms controls, intended for use with an Aero Wizard Dialog. These are some of the components I wrote for the creation of Default Programs Editor 2.0 with the revised user interface, and I’m now freely releasing them to the public.


Aero Wizard Info Screenshot

Aero.Wizard Info Screenshot

Aero.Wizard Features:

  • History/Navigation handled automatically
  • Page contents are children of separate container controls, which can be created in design time like a regular Windows form
  • Glass title area degrades gracefully when running a theme without glass, or on XP
  • Blank Wizard Page template included
  • Use with Aero.Controls pack to make Windows UX Guidelines compatible user interfaces


Aero.Controls Info Screenshot

Aero.Controls Info Screenshot

Aero.Controls Includes:

Both of these projects strive to adhere to the Windows User Experience Guidelines, freely available documentation from Microsoft which provided the basis for the DPE 2.0 restructuring.


I debated for some time on this issue, trying to figure out a permissive license where I could retain some amount of ownership without being overbearing. I settled on BSD, which in my opinion is very permissive and seems to be low-friction for other developers to use this code in their projects.


Both projects are hosted on Bitbucket (Mercurial) and you can either clone the repositories, or download the latest revision as a zip file. I encourage anyone to contribute bug fixes or report issues on each project’s public issue ticketing system.

Aero.Wizard on Bitbucket

Aero.Controls on Bitbucket

What’s next?

With the release of this code pack, my plan for fully releasing Default Programs Editor is underway. It is now possible to fully replicate the UI with this release. The next step is for me to continue refining and documenting the base file association library the project is built on, then release that as well as the UI logic for the program itself. Be looking for that in the next few months.

Default Programs Editor 2.4 Update

This is a bugfix release, and it fixes one of top reported errors in the program. Pretty much each release knocks at least one of the top reported errors. Feedback has been crucial for this project, and the best way to give feedback is to put your thoughts on Default Programs Editor’s UserVoice feedback page.

Version 2.4.1299.1247 (October 6, 2009)
Bugs Fixed:
– On the Delete Extension page, pressing the enter key on the selected item or in the search box, or double clicking the item now performs the primary action as it does on other similar pages.

Crashes Fixed:
– Fixed a crash resulting from not properly detecting the selection when trying to delete an extension.

Leave some feedback on UserVoice

Also, Default Programs Editor was recently featured on both MakeUseOf and The How To Geek. Spread the word!

Default Programs Editor 2.3 Update

Version 2.3.1269.2247 (September 15, 2009)
New Features:
+ Option added to view (only) context menu shell extensions, restoring similar functionality that was present in 1.3.

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed not being able to add autoplay options to media in some situations.
– It was not possible to click “Next” on the Extension Selection page when multiple extensions were selected using the shift key.
– With multiple extensions selected, the context menu page would not show all common verbs.

Crashes Fixed:
– Selecting multiple extensions caused a crash in some cases.

Download now from the main site
Leave feedback and vote on issues at the UserVoice page