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How to output unicode in a custom powershell prompt

(Writing this down so I can google it when I inevitably forget about it in the future)

Powershell supports Unicode in a custom prompt, but if it’s coming out¬†garbled, then you probably forgot to save your profile.ps1 as UTF-8 WITH BOM.


This is UTF-8 (no BOM):




This is is UTF-8 w/ BOM:



(BTW, the code for this custom prompt is here)

Fix for error 805A0194 for In-App Purchase for Windows Store apps

Your app’s GUID doesn’t match the GUID in the store. You have to take the published app guid from your store listing info (ie the one in the url for your app) and update your project files with this GUID.


For WP8.0 (Silverlight): WMAppManifest.xml

For WP8.1/Universal Apps: Package.appxmanifest


I found the solution for WP8.0 here, and the solution also works for Universal Apps. The problem manifests itself as a mysterious exception when calling “CurrentApp.RequestProductPurchaseAsync” or “CurrentApp.LoadListingInformationAsync”. Very frustrating.

Yakko’s Nations of the World

I just added a new data visualization/animation to my site, which animates a world globe synchronized with the Animaniacs song “Nations of the World”.


Check it out! (though maybe not on a mobile device in the year that I am posting this). There’s a link to the source code and project build info on that page.