Factor Mystic


XMouse Toggle

Here is a little utility to turn "XMouse" behavior on and off. This means that when you hover the mouse over a window, that window becomes activated, but doesn't come to the front. It's handy to scroll background windows. Requires .Net 2.0.

XMouse Toggle screenshot



Make Explorer auto-complete directories as you type

As it turns out, this is possible, it's just a simple registry tweak.

"Append Completion"="Yes"

If you're not in the mood to manually edit your registry, I've put that into this handy registry key file.



Turn Off Monitor v1

A little utility for when you want to turn off your monitor. Sits in the system tray doing nothing until you click the button or hit win+z. Hit any key to turn it back on.

Future todo list:

  • Customizable hotkey
  • Probably some other stuff

Turn Off Monitor screenshot